Getting To Know Us! Dangjin Dong-Il Church

Getting To Know Us! Visionary Christian Academy (V.C.A)

Who Are We?

  • We are part of the church’s educational organization that is devoted to teaching and
    disciplining the future generation.
  • A family church that emphasizes small groups
  • Our emphasis lies on helping our children grow and mature into honorable, respectful,
    faithful, and trustworthy Christians who can change the world.
  • We exist to educate God’s children in faith, service, as well as academic excellence.
       - 7 to 12 years old
       - Grade 1 to Grade 6

Our Goal

  • Integration of Character, Faith, Intellect
  • A person of deep faith
  • A person of honesty
  • A person of integrity
  • A person of dignity and nobility
  • A person of great skills and talents

JCC English Camp!

What does JCC stand for? Jesus Community Church- a community of believers that is centered upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Our English Camp V.C.A holds a yearly English camp that allows our children to interact with foreign teachers from overseas. It allows our children to learn not only the English language, but also the culture and lifestyle of our foreign staff. Since 2013, we have been using the same VBS (Vacation Bible School) program from the United States. All classes are held in English with teaching assistants who will help out with translations when needed. Our English camp is the perfect opportunity for foreign staff members to visit our church, get to know our church community, educate our children, experience the Korean culture as well as to grow in your faith.
Open Integration ㆍntegration of Character, Faith, Intellect
ㆍA person of deep faith
ㆍA person of honesty
ㆍA person of integrity
ㆍA person of dignity and nobility
ㆍA person of great skills and talents


For all those who are interested please contact Janet Kim at with your questions and comments.
Also, check out our Facebook page at JCC English Camp@ DreaminglChurch1